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Individual Sessions

I offer very personalized/individualized private sessions for anyone interested in learning how Kink and BDSM can be integrated into their life.  This can look like such a wide range of possibilities from simply learning the technical skills of rope bondage to going deep into different parts of yourself, like owning your inner dom in and out of the bedroom.  This can look like working one on one with me or bringing in one of my coaching assistants to work with you together.  We can work together ranging anywhere from an hour by phone/video chat or in person, to a weekend immersion.


Though I personalize/individualize every session here is a menu of possible options during a session with me:

  • Having a safe space to talk about your (possibly taboo) desires/fantasies and how to get them met in a healthy/responsible way.

  • Private rope bondage lesson

  • Learning/experiencing female/g-spot ejaculation.

  • Hands on experience to learn skills (see below) as a dominant and the emotional work to build the confidence to step into that role.

  • Hands on experience of being dominated to explore your submissive side in a safe and contained way.

  • Creating a scene to use kink/BDSM as a tool for personal growth/self discovery

Possible skills to learn/experience:

  • Rope bondage 

  • Rough play/physical manipulation 

  • Biting/using teeth 

  • Hair pulling (done right) 

  • Spanking and other impact play

  • Choking/breath play (done safely)

  • Obedience training

  • Orgasm control

  • All the toys

  • Dirty talk and fantasy/role play 

  • And most importantly: clear communication, negotiation, aftercare and debriefing scene/play time.

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